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Marion Construction is a sister company of L&T Technical Services.

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Our Excavation Services

Excavation may be moving dirt from one spot to another, but it’s also a powerful balance of brawn and precision. We move large volumes of soil and rock, but we also define detailed foundation lines. We love a good challenge, which is why we’re so good at what we do. Here’s a high-level list of typical jobs we handle:

  • Digging foundations

  • Pool installations

  • Clearing land

  • Demolition

  • Storm drain installation

  • Water and gas line installations

If you’re trying to decide whether to rent DIY equipment or hire us, there’s a lot of good reasons to get in touch! In addition to having the correct equipment, we’re licensed and insured for the work. We’ll make sure we have the right permits for the job so risks are minimal. If we run into surprises mid-job, like buried rock formations, we’ll just bring in a new machine and keep rolling. Contact us to learn how affordable professional excavation can be!

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