Why You Should Only Have Certified Professionals Complete Foundation Repairs to Your Home

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Foundation repairs may be rare, but you need to be prepared if you see cracks or settling foundation in your home. Quite literally the purpose of a foundation is to hold up your home, so the last thing you want is issues, or a poor repair job. Professionals know exactly how to fix your foundation so you don’t have future issues with your home. We’re sharing more info below, so keep reading to learn more or reach out to the experts at Marion Construction to get your project started today.

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It May Impact Future Home Sales

When you sell your house, you will need to let the buyer know that you’ve had foundation repairs. It can be really worrying for a buyer if you didn’t get your repairs done by a professional, respectable construction company with knowledge in foundation repairs. Depending on who you used, you may even lose out on your house sales if you didn’t use a professional company for your repairs.

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Your Foundation Is Really Important

Your home foundation is so important for the integrity of your whole home. If there are errors in the repairs, your property is at risk for a large amount of potential damage. Using a professional company is a sure way to know that the work being completed is accurate, necessary, and will prevent further issues in the future. In other words, working with a qualified team keeps your family safe.

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It Could End Up Costing You More

Previous foundation repair methods were costly, but due to new techniques and technologies, it’s not as expensive to look after the foundation of your home as it used to be. However, if you don’t repair your foundation when you see issues, or you complete poor repairs with an unlicensed contractor instead of a professional, it could end up costing you a lot more to repair the damage that the initial ‘repairs’ caused.

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Your Home Could Be Unsafe

Some key signs you have foundation issues are sticky doors and windows, uneven floors, and protruding nails in the caulking. While these are not inherently dangerous, living in a home that is sinking or slipping could be incredibly dangerous for you and your family. If you’re concerned about foundation issues, it’s always best to reach out for a professional opinion.

Think of your foundation as the thing that is holding up your whole home — if it is damaged or has had poor repair work done, your entire home could be at risk. It’s so important to ensure your repairs are done by a certified professional to limit the amount of future issues with your foundation. Reach out to Marion Construction today to discuss any repairs you need and rest assured that we always make safety our top priority. We look forward to hearing from you!

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