4 Important Tips To Ensure A Safe Job Site For Everyone

Keep Your Team Safe At All Times

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Working in construction can be dangerous, so it’s important to understand the ways in which you can keep yourself and others safe while onsite. When employees feel safe, they will be able to focus on work and be more productive without worrying about getting hurt. Below you’ll find a few helpful tips from the team at Marion Construction on ensuring a job site that’s safe for everyone.

Construction team planning a project

Plan & Identify Hazards

The best way to minimize risk on a job site is to make sure you’re aware of existing and potential hazards. Planning ahead ensures you’re able to put preventative measures in place. While some hazards can’t be predicted and are purely accidental, you can reduce the risk of the large majority of hazards by planning ahead.

Bulldozer in use

Staffing Strategies

Employees who are overworked, exhausted, or understaffed will have a harder time focusing on the job that needs to get done. This can sometimes result in complacency and an unsafe work environment. Look after your employees and make sure you have enough to prevent understaffing, so the ones you do have can work safely.

Hard Hat and gloves resting on a ladder

Safety Training

On some job sites, safety training is minimal and often relies on common sense. This is the wrong approach, and it can lead to people getting severely hurt. Ingraining safety training into the culture of your business ensures that it stays in the forefront of your employees’ minds. They’re more likely to educate each other, keep each other accountable for unsafe actions, and reduce the risk of injury on the site.

Construction man looking at watch

Enforce Breaks

Along with looking after your staff, focus on ensuring everybody has enough breaks. Construction work can be physically tough, so make sure your employees are taking breaks to rest, eat, and hydrate throughout the day. This keeps them focused on their tasks while they’re working, and allows them to stay safe and feel in control of their day.

It’s so important to look after the safety of yourself and your employees on a job site. There are many more ways to ensure your staff are being safe and looking after one another, though these are a few to be mindful of when on site. Trust our team with your next project and rest assured that we’ll go the extra mile to keep the jobsite safe and keep your project on schedule.

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